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Cyber-Attack Takes Omni Hotels & Resorts Offline; Here’s How To Travel Safely

Omni Hotels & Resorts recently faced a significant cyber-attack that disrupted their entire IT system, resulting in widespread operational challenges. The company took swift action by taking their network offline to isolate the issue and protect their data. This incident not only affected hotel operations—impacting everything from reservation systems to point-of-sale operations—but also posed substantial financial losses, with damages potentially exceeding a million dollars. Reports suggest similarities between this incident and a previous ransomware attack on MGM in Las Vegas.

Understanding the Impact: For travelers, the Omni incident underscores the pervasive threat of cyber-attacks. When a network like Omni's is compromised, every connected device is at risk. This vulnerability extends beyond just the inconvenience of manual check-ins or cash-only purchases; it poses a serious security risk to personal data.

Travel Safety Tips: To safeguard your data while traveling, consider these proactive measures:

  1. Avoid Public Wi-Fi: Steer clear of public Wi-Fi networks in hotels, cafes, and airports. Connecting to a compromised network can give cybercriminals easy access to your devices.

  2. Disable Auto-Connect: Turn off your device's feature that automatically connects to available networks. This prevents your device from connecting to potentially malicious networks without your knowledge.

  3. Utilize Your Hotspot: Use your smartphone's hotspot for a more secure connection. If your phone doesn't have this feature, contact your service provider to enable it.

For Business Travelers: Companies should ensure that all work devices are equipped with robust cybersecurity tools. This is crucial for employees traveling for business, particularly to events like trade shows, to prevent inadvertent malware introduction that could cripple your business operations.

A Broader Lesson for Businesses: The Omni cyber-attack is a stark reminder that no organization is immune to cyber threats, regardless of its size or security budget. It's critical for all businesses, especially small ones, to adopt strong cybersecurity measures to mitigate the risk of attacks.

If you're unsure about the adequacy of your cybersecurity defenses, or simply want a second opinion, don't hesitate to reach out to us for professional advice. Being proactive can make all the difference in safeguarding your business against the ever-growing threat of cyber-attacks. Schedule a 15-30 min discovery call with us to start.

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