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Cybersecurity Packaged for your Business

Enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions packaged together to protect your organization, regardless of your team size.

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Compatible with:     macOS   |   Windows    |    Micorsoft 365 Cloud    |    Google Suite Cloud


Stack Up Your Defenses

Enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions packaged together to protect all organizations, regardless of team size.

Managed Detection + Response

In partnership with:

Patented real-time threat detection and incident response platform, a world-class SOC hunts for active threats in your environments (now including cloud) and neutralizes them in their earliest stages.

Hackers have you in their sights. We monitor & stop their threats 24/7/365... before they spread.


Endpoint Protection

Protect your organization’s devices, workstations, servers, and more with award-winning antivirus protection.

Next-gen AV + threat surface reduction.

In partnership with:

Cloud Backup

full-fidelity data protection & security for cloud applications and infrastructure, built for organizations of any size

G Suite
Google Cloud
Office 365

In partnership with:

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Password Management

Simple and secure password management for your organization with powerful visibility, security and control

In partnership with:


And More...

  • Annual Employee Cybersecurity Training

  • Quarterly Dark Web Scans

Be Proactive. Be Protected.

Our 2024 Advanced Security Stack compiles everything your business needs to establish a strong baseline cybersecurity. Take a proactive approach and protect your organization, regardless of your team size. Here's everything you need to know:


To summarize, here's the typical process we follow. In the world of business Cybersecurity, one size does not fit all, so the process may vary on many different factors - especially depending on the size of your organization.

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Onboarding Portal


Once you sign up, you will automatically be sent a link to login to your onboarding portal.

Technician Deployment

Within 48 hours a Shield IT Networks technician will deploy the stack components so you can begin implementation.

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DIY Implementation

Follow along with the onboarding installation tasks to install the components across all your work devices.

[ Within 1-hour ]

[ Within 48-hour business hours ]

[ Depends on # of devices and team size ]

Need More Convincing?

Unlike most, we take a proactive approach to business cybersecurity. Our business model does not rely on your equipment breaking or operations shutting down. 

Let's Get to Work!

No Minimums

From sole proprietors to multi-level organizations


Constantly adapting to cyber trends and revelant threats

Starting at only


Traditional MSP

10 User Minimum

Limited capabilites and solutions for teams under 10


Waits until something happens before fixing

Avg Cost: Per User, Per Year


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