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Email Filtering & Security

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Key Features

Good Mail In
Bad Mail Out

Our intelligent email filtering drives fewer false positives. Questionable messages are held in quarantine for further review by the user.

Ultra-Secure Encryption

The email encryption standard we employ to secure your email data is state-of-the-art multi-layer AES-256 encryption design. You will never have to wonder if your data is safe.

No Apps or Installations

Most other secure email solutions rely on downloading and installing numerous apps depending on your device. Our solution takes a different approach and has no apps or plugins to install, just sign on!

Why Should You Use Email Encryption?


Standard email was never designed with security in mind, so default email systems are characteristically insecure. Coupling this with greater information security risk than ever before, emails are an increasingly vulnerable target for both external attackers and insider threats. Without encryption, your emails can potentially be accessed by third parties at different points in the email journey. Encrypting email can significantly lower the chances of a hacker gaining access to the sensitive data within your emails - data that could lead to a full company security breach.

Bad Email Filtering Hurts In More Ways Than One

Our email filtering stops the junk and lets the good email through. Messages containing offensive, harmful, or policy-violating content are held for user review, while good messages continue on their way. Our solution helps keep users safe and gives you confidence that your email infrastructure is shielded from harm. Our email filtering handles messages more intelligently so there are fewer false positives. When questionable messages are held, CloudFilter users get a notification that lets them preview and whitelist the sender, so potentially important messages are no longer buried.

How we can help

Let us take the extra work off your plate, our team of technicians will cover the operation, monitoring, and maintenance of your cybersecurity infrastructure to make sure your network always has its shield up and standing strong. We will verify this quarterly via a complimentary third-party Penetration Test.

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