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Employee Cybersecurity Training

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Why Training is ESSENTIAL

80% of all organizations experience at least one compromised account threat per month
67% of data breaches are a result of credential theft, human error, or social attack
The average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million, it pays to invest in your employees.

Engaging training programs that instill a security-focused culture wherein employees actively participate and make fundamental changes to the security process.

Your Business Risks:

Cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated by the minute. With human errors inevitable and data breaches obliterating businesses, organizations transitioning to remote work need stronger cybersecurity for decentralized workspaces.

Your weakest link against security threats? Your employees. Implementing routine security awareness and phishing detection training can greatly decrease the likelihood of a disaster.

Our solution launches on-demand security awareness training and simulated phishing emails to empower your employees to spot potential dangers and make the right decisions.

How we can help

Let us take the extra work off your plate, our team of technicians will cover the operation, monitoring, and maintenance of your cybersecurity infrastructure to make sure your network always has its shield up and standing strong. We will verify this quarterly via a complimentary third-party Penetration Test.

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