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Dramatic Changes to 2023 FTC Compliance

The deadline to comply was June 9th, 2023. Is your business safe?

Compliance Deadline is Here!

The FTC made several amendments to the existing Safeguards Rule requiring even small businesses to ensure the protection of client data. These changes, set to go into effect back in December of 2022, are now enforced as of June 9, 2023  – and it’s very likely that your business, regardless of how small or how your tech is being handled, is REQUIRED to implement certain new security protocols.

Your Business May Fall Under These Regulations!

The Safeguards Rule was originally created for financial institutions. However, the new amendments broaden the definition of financial institutions to include many other businesses that handle client PII. Organizations now under the FTC umbrella are required to implement and maintain a comprehensive security program to keep their customers’ information safe.

**See the fine print - Official FTC Scope

The FTC Safeguards outlines 9 required components  - we’ve created a Complete Guide outlining these

How We Can Help

As cybersecurity threats and government regulations thicken, we have developed a vCSO program to help fill the role of cybersecurity professional in your organization while also satisfying FTC compliance.

Virtual Chief Security Officer -
Cybersecurity Program


Our vCSO program offers a tailored solution to ensure your organization's cybersecurity posture is robust and compliant with regulatory requirements. With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks, having a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCSO) can provide you with the necessary expertise and experience to navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape while also satisfying the FTC Safeguards compliance requirements.

Schedule network assessment

Schedule A Security Assessment

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Beyond Just Cybersecurity


Increased Security

The amount of private data your business holds is a major revenue source on the dark web. With 24/7 security monitoring and our dynamic cybersecurity stack, we'll keep your business (and its reputation) protected.


Increased Reliability

We built our company off of a proactive-over-reactive approach. Our practices and solutions are designed to identify, isolate, and resolve issues before they have a chance to affect your business operations. Learn more about our resiliency.


Increased Productivity

Our US-based technicians are ready to take your IT projects off of your plate. With our "one support team, one phone number, one bill" promise, and our 300-second response time, you can kiss the days of chasing down phone numbers and sitting on hold goodbye.

Your Next Steps

Network Assessment

We will first start with network performance analysis to better understand your current IT setup and determine surface issues. This step is required before we can perform our penetration test.


Vulnerability Assessment (PEN Test)

This test uncovers any and all vulnerabilities, compromises, and weakened defenses. A network assessment must be completed before our security team will schedule this test. 


Simple Onboarding

Protect your business with our suite of cybersecurity solutions, featuring an easy onboarding process with a quick and smooth setup, so you can focus on what matters most – your business.

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