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Co-Managed Firewall

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Key Features

Elite Protection
& Alerting

24x7 monitoring of security events- capturing them, analyzing, and correlating in real-time. We will be notified of any suspicious activity or possible breaches to take corrective action.


Our technicians will assist in applying regular updates remotely with Proactive refinement of software patches, updating firmware, and quarterly vulnerability security scans.

QoS Load

This will show you down to a gnat’s eyelash when and where the bandwidth is being used. Based on this data, we load balance to guarantee bandwidth for vital applications such as VoIP & virtual meetings.

What is a Firewall?


We have all heard the term, but do you know what it is? A firewall is an in-network security device that bridges the connection from the internet to your devices and users. This device monitors incoming and outgoing traffic, acting as a barrier by permitting or blocking data based on security paraments and settings. When set up and managed correctly, these devices can effectively block intrusions and malicious traffic like viruses and hackers.

Firewalls are NOT plug-n-play!

As we just described, firewalls keep you and your business safe from malicious attacks based on security parameters and patches. Without the proper configurations and ongoing upkeep, these devices lose their effectiveness. In 2021, our security team completed over 5,200 assessments and they uncovered that over 92% of firewalls were completely misconfigured and with expired licenses, deeming them less than suitable. These devices require a significant level of expertise and monitoring to maintain their effectiveness.


How we can help

Let us take the extra work off your plate, our team of technicians will cover the operation, monitoring, and maintenance of your cybersecurity infrastructure to make sure your network always has its shield up and standing strong. We will verify this quarterly via a complimentary third-party Penetration Test.

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