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A Message From Our CEO

I had a client reach out to me about their recent experience with converting their remaining retail locations and allowing us to manager their networks.

Here's what they had to say:

“After several years of using Shield IT Networks for some of our stores, and using individual carriers for the rest, we finally decided to convert all our stores to Shield IT Networks. The contrast was striking. We can always speak to the same guys, who aren't just reading off of a script... they take ownership of issues and just get it done."

Although the notion of providing reliable, affordable, and in-house support isn't a new concept, it still surprises me how many other (and much larger) Managed IT companies don't get it right. My guess is that you’ve been disappointed, even burned, by other IT companies (and providers) in the past.

Are you sick and tired of constant IT, connectivity problems interrupting your day, frustrating you and your team? Do you feel stuck with an absent-minded provider who isn’t delivering the service OR solution you need, but you don’t know who else you can trust to do a good job without overcharging you?

If so, I have the solution that will make IT-related issues one headache you NEVER have to deal with again.

Schedule a 10-minute call with us to discuss your current network and concerns.

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