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AI's Sneaky Role in Phishing: Unveiling the Growing Threat


In a recent revelation that sends shockwaves through the realm of cybersecurity, the SlashNext Threat Labs' latest report has brought forth a staggering revelation: a jaw-dropping surge of 1265% in malicious phishing emails since the last quarter of 2022. This comprehensive annual report meticulously scrutinizes a 12-month span of threats spanning email, mobile, and browsers from Q4 2022 to Q3 2023. Adding to the alarm, it underscores a massive 967% rise in credential phishing assaults.

Key Catalysts

The CEO of SlashNext, Patrick Harr, points to a pivotal factor driving this alarming spike: the escalating utilization of generative AI. Harr elucidates how threat actors are harnessing advanced tools such as ChatGPT to craft remarkably sophisticated and precisely targeted Business Email Compromise (BEC) and phishing messages. The undeniable surge in these threats, aligned with the emergence of ChatGPT, signifies more than mere coincidence—it stands as a testament to the disruptive impact of generative AI on cyber threats.

However, Harr emphasizes that the intent isn't to amplify fears about generative AI but to empower both consumers and the cybersecurity community to comprehend the genuine risks and respond with resilience.

Alarming Insights

The report's findings paint a bleak picture, averaging a staggering 31,000 daily phishing assaults. Shockingly, a substantial 68% of these are categorized as text-based BEC attacks. A survey involving over 300 cybersecurity professionals reveals a distressing statistic: 46% of respondents have fallen victim to BEC attacks.

Further intensifying concerns, a whopping 77% of these professionals have encountered phishing attempts, with 28% delivered through text messages, a technique dubbed SMS phishing (Smishing). This underscores the shifting threat landscape, with adversaries increasingly targeting mobile devices and executing multi-stage attacks.

Urgent Call to Action

The report serves as an urgent call for organizations to fortify their defenses. This involves an increased reliance on AI-driven solutions to combat the proliferation of AI-fueled cyber threats. While the landscape is rapidly evolving with the advent of AI, it can also serve as a shield against sophisticated attacks. Rigorous training remains pivotal in shielding against AI-generated threats.

This report echoes a familiar refrain: the imperative need for heightened cybersecurity measures. Enhanced vigilance, robust training, and proactive security measures are now more pivotal than ever to thwart the escalating sophistication of phishing attacks.

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